Photo by Ron Smith @ronsmithphotos on Unsplash

Let down, is what I feel

When you do not keep

The promises you make.

The betrayal seems to pierce my soul

Like a knife primed for the kill.

Those empty words have the power

To fill my imagination with hope

But as I know, time and again-

Just words they remain

The action never seems to follow through

And yet, every time I hear those words

Hope begins to peek over the edge of darkness

But ends with falling back where it first began.

Tears roll down

And yet I survive

I marvel at my own resilience

How aft the dark night

I can face the dawn anew

And put on yet another mask of hope.

Back to the game I go

In preparation, yet again, face my woe.

When will my happy ending come

I wonder-

Why do I put on a brave face?

Is this called love?

No, I beg to differ

Love cannot be so shallow

so, what’s missing?

Maybe I expect too much

Maybe it’s just me

Maybe I’m doomed to live with my dreams

Never to see the deeds, just live with unending hope.