Change: The only constant

The world is in a state of change — everything as we know it has been turned upside down, held to a state of ransom by a microscopic creature — the coronavirus. Humanity is paying the price of tampering with the rules set by nature.

This current state of affairs has made me realize that we have made ourselves the slaves of routine. We love routines. Up in the morning, start the day with a steaming cup of coffee, get the kiddies off to school, then the mad dash to the train station. The routine in office remains unchanged — the clients, the phone calls, the hilarious scenes of the sleazy co-worker sucking up to the boss. Lunch works like an oasis in the dessert, then back to same old the office routine. Then its time to wind up for the day, the next mad rush for the train and back home fixing dinner and setting up for the same battle the next day. And so days turn to weeks, months and years, with routines taking over our lives. Although we refuse to admit it, we love routines, they help us feel in control.

But, oh how times have changed! Post the coronavirus, our beloved routines are no longer valid. We miss the rush, we long for the crowded trains, we would give anything to laugh when the brownnoser co-worker makes a fool of himself for the umpteenth time. We long to get the kids out of the house and into their daily routines, so that we don’t have to spend time thinking of things to keep them from driving themselves and us stark staring mad.

But underneath all of that, the reason behind us going insane is the fact that we are losing control. We’ve completely lost our painstakingly set schedules, we’ve lost control of our immunity, we’ve lost control of ourselves. In other words, things are changing!

“Will anything ever be the same again?”, we wonder as we struggle with slow internet connections, new con-call technologies, different work schedules and last but not the least, a confined space to be, work and live in. We try in vain to keep up to this drastically changing environment.

Maybe, there is a lesson to be learnt in the midst all of this chaos. Maybe, there’s a reason behind the mayhem.

We are still coming to terms with the way our lives have changed. Acceptance is difficult. But once we accept change, things will begin to settle, and that’s the unwritten rule of the universe.

Then a day will dawn when …

  • We will realize that the mad rush that ruled our lives is calming down.
  • We will learn to value the meaning of mindfulness.
  • We will learn to listen to understand, rather than listen to answer.
  • We will learn to think before we react.

It’s time we accept what’s given to us while we lift up in prayer all those who suffer and the brave medical workers out there, putting their lives on the line, so that we can be safe.

Let’s be grateful for change, you never know, once we are out of these confines, we may just find that the world is a much better place to live in!