Hide and go seek

Seeking wisdom from my soul

Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash
  • Nature: This does not really mean that you pack up and move to the Himalayas to be one with nature. No, you can be one with nature just by being mindful of nature’s gifts. I often heard my soul while in the act of observing nature. I notice how the breeze gently ruffles the leaves on the trees, the angle of the sun beam as it rises through the sky, the nature of the cool air that I breathe, the birds as they glide through the morning sky. Be one with nature. Observe her, through her, the soul speaks.
  • Gratitude: Being grateful is the best way to open up your heart to hear that voice. The present may never be the same as the future. Who is to say how the future will look. Being grateful for the present is a way of connecting with the soul.
  • Create a thought routine: As I sit still, I analyse one small aspect of myself that can help me onward. For example, Monday I reflect on my relationship with my spouse/daughters. Tuesday is for my career/job. Wednesday is for the most recent relationship I’ve developed. Thursday is to mull over that niggling idea which longs to see the light of day — you get my drift?
  • Learn to be honest with yourself: Judging others? Easy as pie. Judging yourself? Almost impossible. Honesty, I’ve learnt, is very hard; especially if you have to be honest with yourself. But it is just this honesty that can reveal to you your innermost thoughts.
  • Be mindful: I’ve learnt to be mindful about my thoughts. Being a very imaginative person, my thoughts often run wild. Being aware of where my thoughts are taking me helps me be in control and it is there that I meet my soul. Be humble and sincere enough to turn back or redirect your thoughts through the path of self discovery.