The things unsaid

I’m not a quitter, and give up, I never will
So, every time I look into your eyes
I know you try, but cannot bring yourself to say
The things you want to.

You’d like to tell me, that I’m the one
But it’s a risk you’d have to take
And your logical mind says
That’s something you cannot afford.

All I ask, is to say the words
And follow through, for crying out loud
The rest will sort itself out
Is it too much to ask?

Putting it in another perspective — maybe I’m old school
Maybe I don’t want to risk it too
Maybe I don’t have the answers myself

Sometimes I feel, we are meant to be
At other times, it just feels too unreal.

No, it’s not just you
It’s me too
I dare to hope and yet I’m scared
Is it too much to want?

There are no answers —

No rights or wrongs

Just things left unsaid!